Monday, 16 November 2009

While I'm Here...

I've decided to issue myself a challenge. That is to watch and blog 365 films in 365 days from the launch of this blog, and to try and include in that figure as many films from the previous list I published as possible, plus as many previous Best Picture winners I can lay my hands on (easily...)

By my count, I've ticked off City of God from the list (and I've just watched Let The Right One In, which I'll write up shortly), as well as Platoon from the Best Picture list. Which gives me 57 from the List (as it shall now be known), and a whole bunch from Oscar.

For the record, I'm running at eight films over eight says (including LTROI), so I'm off to an appropriate start.

Oh, and note that these posts aren't really real reviews. I'm not editing them, I'm not really reviewing them, I'm just writing them. For the most part they're coming moments after the film is viewed. So don't expect Ebert-esque masterpieces. Just the random ramblings of a random rambler. Don't like it? You know what to do.

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