Wednesday, 11 November 2009

A Little Slower In Love

I just kicked on over to the iTunes Store (which involved me finally updating my details to reflect that I live in the UK now - wham. Only 9 months late...) and FINALLY bought Antony & The Johnsons version of Crazy In Love, which is awesome and incredible and awesome and incredible. I love it like I love your mother. Seriously. And I do love her. (YouTube the song. I'm sure there's a good live clip out there somewhere, but I can't remember where and all that I can find are pretty crap, really, so I don't have a strong desire to link to them.)

Whilst I was over there I thought I'd send those crazy kids at Warner Bros some early love as a THANK YOU for not releasing Where The Wild Things Are yet in the UK. (An earlier rant on said delay can be found at the end of here, should you feel an urge to feel more wrath today.) So I also paid 99p (as opposed to 79p for Crazy In Love - wtf?) for Karen O's All Is Love, from the film, and something a lot of people are calling a Best Original Song hopeful - we'll see. I remain to be convinced. I like the song, but I don't think it has what the Academy wants.

That is all. Check out Crazy In Love and you can hear All Is Love in its entirety on the WB For Your Consideration site - just click on the Wild Things poster and make sure the sound is on. Too. Easy. And don't forget: illegal downloading is wrong and bad. Truly. Pay the fucking pennies to download it legally. Or I'll be there in your room while you sleep with a knife and three garbage bags, because that is how many my mental arithmetic tells me will be needed to stuff in your bloated bits, you fat bastard. (Joking of course... haha... haha... ha.)

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