Saturday, 21 November 2009


...early estimates for the opening day of the new Twilight film (officially - The Twilight Saga: New Moon) put the take for the day at a little under US$73mil from the States alone. Keeping in mind that the previous biggest was for The Dark Knight at slightly over US$67mil.

Now, this Twilight picture won't, I don't think, have the same sort of staying power over its opening weekend as The Dark Knight had. But this kickoff could see it as a challenger to the biggest opening weekend of all time, a record currently held by TDK with US$158mil over three days. Seeing as that is only a little more than double Twilight's one day gross, I think it might have a chance.

I don't think it has a change of reaching the US$533mil that TDK did in the States alone. Twilight will be horribly more frontloaded. But still, Summit will be loving it. I don't know how much this one cost to make, but the first was something like US$37mil and grossed freaking heaps globally. This one is going bigger, and can't be a US$100mil film.

Laughing. All. The. Way. To. The. Bank.

Sad for TDK, though. I liked that film. Haven't seen either Twilight, but don't think they'll be capable of holding much of a candle.

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