Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Bright Star Again

I was reading over at In Contention about how some reviewers have been singling out Paul Schneider for his supporting work in Bright Star, and I realised I had completely missed discussing his work in my write up yesterday.

I think his performance was good, playing the best friend of Keats who supports him through so much and then lets him down right at the end, if not a little histrionic. Whilst his temperament for the most part reflected and heightened the mischievousness aspects of Whishaw's performance, there were a few moments that did leave me wondering if he weren't overdoing it.

Basically, if we're discussing it on the basis of his hope for an Oscar nod (which is what In Contention is all about) then I think he will only pull through if the rest of the film pulls through in a fairly big way (I'm talking film, director, everything.) He needs to ride groundswell, and I just don't feel there is enough there behind the film to carry him through.

Meanwhile, hopefully today I'm going to see An Education. Here's hoping.

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