Sunday, 3 January 2010

Holy Blue Gemini.

If all estimates hold up, Avatar just became only the fifth film ever (with the others being The Dark Knight, the last Lord of the Rings, the second Pirates of the Caribbean film and Titanic) to crack through the US$1billion dollar mark at the global box office. Oh, did I mention that it's only just finished its third weekend in release?

That is FREAKING huge. After the biggest third weekend in the States on record (US$23mil more than the old title holder, Spider-Man) it's looking damn likely that the film will hit US$500mil in the States alone. I think it will probably crack The Dark Knight to become number 2, though a number of people think that's a risky prediction. It has a shot at Titanic's record, something I didn't think we'd be saying for a few years yet, on the domestic front, though I'm not going to really make a call either way until I start to see what it is capable of grossing outside of the holiday period. Once people go back to work and school it should fall pretty heavily, but if the January releases don't provide anything to really drag people into competing cinemas, Avatar could just get there.

Can it get another US$800mil worldwide to beat Titanic? That's going to be a big task for it. Though if I'm predicting US$200mil more just from the States, it could, theoretically, happen. Personally, at this stage, I think I'm going to say that it won't get there. It'll give it a red hot go, but I don't think so.

Meanwhile, everyone involved is basking in the glory of knowing they were right. And James Cameron is basking in the glory of pretty much being god.

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