Friday, 8 January 2010

Film Count Again

So, I'm now totally up to date with my write-ups. And by my count, I'm sitting pretty on 53 from 61 days (remembering that Angels In America counted as two films.) So, that's not too bad, considering Christmas/New Year fell in there, plus I had a week-long hiatus in Iceland. So I have eight films to make up - that's simply one week of watching two films a day (plus one extra film in there somewhere) ... (that's actually a slog with a job and some semblance of a social life, but I'll see what I can do.) Oh, and I have ten months to make those eight films up - pfft, easy.

It's been quite eye-opening, and I should give a shout-out to Close Up Videos in Brick Lane, who have been my source for the vast majority of these films. They're helpful, their range is terrific, I've only had a problem with one DVD but that was probably a problem with trying to watch it on my laptop (it worked fine when they tested it), and there are so, so many more films there that I could only ever dream about getting through them all. And for the bargain price of £10/month! Well worth it.

Plus, I've seen about a third of that list of 58 I put up at the beginning, which ain't half bad.

Here's looking forward to my final 312 films! Or more! Hurrah!


  1. how did you like ANGELS IN AMERICA?

  2. I loved it. I wrote it up under 'Respect The Delicate Ecology of Your Delusions' last December if you want to check it out.

  3. I was positively mesmerized by Patrick Wilson in it :)