Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Coming Up...

So, looking through what's coming up this year (via) I was reminded of Daybreakers, which is dropping most places this month. This has been on my radar for years, as it was shot in Australia, and the Spierig Brothers are both really lovely, unassuming guys who made themselves known with Undead back aaages ago in much the same way as Peter Jackson made himself known with his early bloodfest, almost-amateur films. Plus, it's about fucking time someone gave Claudia Karvan a crossbow. She's mostly known in Australia for her repeated lead television roles, and I feel in love with her (as did most of my generation) with The Secret Life Of Us at the turn of the millennium, further solidified by her involvement with the extraordinary Love My Way. It's pretty exciting to see names like William Hurt and Ethan Hawke sharing the screen with Aussie names like Karvan and Vince Colosimo as well. I do hope it goes well for them all.

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