Saturday, 5 December 2009

Who Likes Short Shorts?

Wham. So, The Cat Piano, by the terrific peeps at the People's Republic of Animation out of Adelaide, made the Short Animation Oscar shortlist a while back - well done kids.

Then, just announced, the Short Live Action Oscar shortlist, featuring not one, but two Australian shorts - The Ground Beneath by Rene Hernandez, and Luke Doolan's Miracle Fish. Surely, out of those three, one of them should at least get a nod. I mean, there are only ten on the live action shortlist, though there are fifteen on the animation shortlist. And The Cat Piano is well loved, I understand.

Throw into the mix the fact that a number of pundits are throwing Samson & Delilah into the mix for Foreign Language film (the shortlist hasn't yet been announced, I don't believe), and Bright Star is still out there hanging on by the skin of its teeth, and there could be a number of Oz productions, instead of just the standard slew of Oz talent working on overseas shoots (hello Dion Beebe - hot again for Nine I believe.) Actually, looking at the Cinematography race is interesting. Greig Fraser is in there for Bright Star, Beebe for Nine, and Andrew Lesnie could come through for The Lovely Bones, giving three Aussies a shot in that category - why is it that we're so freaking good at cinematography?

That is all.

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