Tuesday, 15 December 2009


I'm very much looking forward to Animal Kingdom, premiering at Sundance in the New Year. They've just launched their website with a teaser included. Great cast, it looks hot.

I must declare an interest, in that I know David Michôd, the writer/director. I used to work with him, and I worked on his most recent short Netherland Dwarf. But that just makes the anticipation greater - I've been hearing about the film for years.

If it's anything like his previous shorts, I think I'll like it. Crossbow, I thought, was fantastic. Netherland Dwarf was also very good. Plus, he co-wrote the excellent scripts for Spider (with director Nash Edgerton) and I Love Sarah Jane (with director Spencer Susser), the latter being one of my favourite shorts from... what year did I see it? It must have been last year.

Speaking of Spencer Susser, Michôd penned the screenplay for his first feature, Hesher, also opening at Sundance next year. Finally, all of that hogging of the work printer getting scripts ready for assessment pays off...

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