Tuesday, 8 December 2009


... to this, via here and thanks for it, comes this:

It's gratuitous posting of pretty people, but I'm not ashamed.

I'm also back from Iceland, so I'm going to hit the ground running tomorrow with a few films over a few days, so we can ease off of random pictures of Brad Pitt half naked. Sad in some ways, happy in others.

Also, watch out for my word on A Not So Silent Night, which I'm seeing tomorrow here in ol' London. I have high hopes. Please don't disappoint me, Rufus.


  1. whacha been doin' in Iceland? :)

  2. Just chilling, hanging with some friends. Listening to Sigur Rós. Completing life. The usual.

  3. Hope you didn't stumble on any of their geysers ;P and I hope they've recuperated from the financial bankruptcy of their state.