Thursday, 1 April 2010

To Anyone In The UK.

Tomorrow, the massively acclaimed, Camera d'Or winning, multiple AFI and IF Award winning Australian box office hit Samson And Delilah hits cinemas around this little island nation. Oh, it was shortlisted for the Foreign Language Oscar also. A few months back I did my little write-up of acclaimed short director Warwick Thornton's debut feature, and it was a 5 star occasion. It's truly beautiful, and the images have stuck around. GO OUT AND SEE IT! It's performance in its home country proved it was an audience hit (it opened well considering the fact that it is a little Australian film and wasn't on that many screens) and went on to something in the region of a 22 times multiplier on its opening - that means the word of mouth was hella strong. And with the Australian and British sensibilities being so similar, I'm thinking it's going to crossover quite well. Besides, there's hardly anything spoken in it, it all comes across without something so antiquated as 'dialogue', so anyone should be able to get it pretty damn easily.

Seriously. Check it out. There's some more info on the film here. But it's playing in a bunch of major cities, with a number of London locations. Go. Now.

Ahem. Shameless plug number 1.

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